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Use Our Quick & Easy Tips for Organizing Your Home


The holiday season is upon us and if you’re like us, you’re looking for quick and easy solutions for organizing your home and keeping it tidy before, during and after parties, family gatherings and life in general. The good news is that there are affordable products in our catalog that can help you easily get started.

One of the most common problems we see in home organization involves how to store various decorations for the different seasons. People often think just any type of box will do. We’re here to tell you; however, that this just isn’t the case. Plastic boxes are deep and have lids that will protect items that could easily break like exterior lights and small yard decorations. They are also great for storing Fall and Holiday garland, decorative pumpkins, cornucopias and centerpieces.

Home organizers also like to use corrugated boxes that come in various sizes and utilize dividers to organize ornaments and glass décor like candle sticks, vases and scones. They know that box size matters, especially if you need to make sure the interior contents remain secure. For example, medium sized boxes can be packed with temporary dishes and silverware used for dinner parties. Wreaths and framed pictures fit well into a flat TV box while a wardrobe box helps to contain artificial trees and smaller trees in outdoor containers.

Whether you’re storing items in your home or a storage facility, it’s important that they are packed and marked correctly. Dollies & Boxes Unlimited offers accessories like bubble protection, packing paper and foam sheeting that can be used to wrap fragile items and provide necessary cushioning around and between items like glassware, plates, ornaments, nativity scene pieces and more. Once you have your box properly packed (view our packing tips here), you’ll want to label boxes and bins so you know exactly what you placed in them for easy access in the future.

Don’t let potential holiday clutter leave you feeling stressed and disheveled. Choose Dollies & Boxes as partner for organizing your Toronto area home. Call now for packing tips and product purchasing details.

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