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Foam Packing Peanuts

Foam packing peanuts provide shock absorption and barrier protection for your packaged items. At Dollies & Boxes, we provide moving supplies and accessories to ensure your packages are in mint condition - rely on us for quality and experience.

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Foam Chips 20cu/ft. Bag 150 Foam Chips 20cu/ft. Bag
Foam Chips 4cu/ft. Bag 224 Foam Chips 4cu/ft. Bag
Foam Chips 1cu/ft. Bag 242 Foam Chips 1cu/ft. Bag

Foam Chips

  • Foam chips perform the following functions when used in your moving or shipping strategy:
  • Void filling to provide cushioning and adjust the package to the item’s size.
  • Shock absorption to prevent rattling and impact from external forces.
  • Thermal insulation to ensure perishables do not overheat.
  • Providing lightweight and cost-effective void fill.

When packaging your products, it’s essential to ensure no space, which will promote rattling and fail to mitigate any external impact. Foam chips provide a cost-effective solution to fill boxes and provide essential cushioning for shock absorption. They also provide thermal insulation to protect your boxes from extreme temperatures.

This lightweight packaging solution will not increase the weight of your packages to ensure maneuverability and easy lifting. You may also want to opt for packing foam for even greater cushioning.

Dollies & Boxes is your go-to moving and shipping supplies provider - count on us for quality-assured moving solutions and accessories.

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