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When moving, having the right equipment to keep your inventory safe and secure is essential. Escaleras, or stair climbing carts, are the perfect moving equipment for buildings with staircases and limited elevator space. At Dollies & Boxes, we help facilitate safe moving processes with quality moving equipment and supplies.

Stair Climbing Cart

You need to know your options to ensure you have the right moving equipment in order to avoid inconvenience, lost items, and injury. Below are some of the reasons why you might use a stair climbing cart for your move:

  • Preventing injury and reducing heavy lifting while moving down or upstairs.
  • Reducing the potential for falls and broken inventory.
  • Allowing for a faster and more convenient move.

This equipment is suitable for transporting light and heavy loads down flights of stairs, providing more control for the mover. The cart has a flexible range of motion for leaning and climbing.

You can use buckles and straps to secure your inventory to your cart and use the triple-wheel mechanism of the cart to traverse the stairs quickly. Whether transporting goods up or down stairs, you can do so safely with this high-quality and reliable equipment. Contact us at Dollies & Boxes to learn more about our eCommerce and in-store shopping options.

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Escalera MS-60, 700LB, Stair Climbing Cart 490 Escalera MS-60, 700LB, Stair Climbing Cart
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