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Reduce the Stress of Packing & Moving into Student Housing

It’s hard to believe that Summer is passing by so quickly again this year. If you’re like most parents, you’re already buying items needed to get your student prepared for moving into student housing at University. Whether you’re a first-time University parent or returning for another year, you’re aware of the stress that packing and moving can cause. Let Dollies & Boxes Unlimited help!

As moving and packing experts, we can help you determine the right boxes and packing materials needed to get your student organized for the move into student housing. We carry durable corrugated boxes in a variety of sizes as well as strong plastic boxes that are reusable. Additionally, we now offer coloured packing tape is helpful for identifying box contents or even which rooms items should be placed within a quad, apartment or flat. To keep valuable items from breaking, be sure to visit our bubble packing materials as well as packing paper. This will protect dishes and keep decorative items safe during any move. View our moving checklist for more hints and tips!

Dollies & Carts for Larger Loads

Many times, moving can cause injuries to back, legs and shoulders due to strain and improper lifting techniques. Using a dolly or hand cart will help prevent injury and save you trips by allowing you to transport more items at once. Usually, student housing will have carts you can use to help with loading and unloading. However, if they don’t or they aren’t available, Dollies & Boxes Unlimited has a variety of dollies and hand trucks for many uses including moving appliances, electronics and their accessories, as well as large, heavier items and boxes. These items are then yours and can be used any time of year!

Extra Supplies to Secure Your Load

Dollies & Boxes has supplies to keep your desks, desk chairs, mattresses and other personal items safe during transit. Furniture blankets are ideal for protecting furniture from scratches and dings while the straps keep items from shifting as your vehicle moves down the road. And, bubble isn’t just for packing boxes. Using bubble pouches will protect your flat screen computer monitors and LED TVs that are a necessary for any University student.

Take advantage of our student special and speak with a Dollies & Boxes representative to place your order now!

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