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Medium Moving Boxes Ideal for Home or Office Moves

When preparing for your move, it’s important that you use the correct box size. Boxes come in various dimensions from large, medium and small, to custom boxes like wardrobe and flat boxes for paintings and wall hangings and more. Before buying moving boxes, be sure to check with an industry expert to learn more about what types of items should be placed in each box.

Medium Boxes for Home Use

A medium box can be used for storage or for transporting items during moves. This box has a standard dimension size of 18”x18”x16”, making it ideal for packing a variety of items from your home. Kitchen items like utensils, small appliances like can openers, coffee makers, toasters and the like will fit easily inside. They are also great for transporting plates, cups and glasses, food storage containers, baking pans and pots. If you are concerned about items shifting within the box, be sure to investigate void fill options like bubble protection and packing paper. Dividers can be inserted in medium boxes for glasses and cups.

Medium Boxes for Your Office

Whether you’re just moving within your office or moving to a completely new building, medium boxes are great for your facility. Many professionals use corrugated boxes for storing files and important documents that need to be keep for legal and historical purposes. If you’re just moving to a new space within the office, consider using a quality medium box for supplies from within and atop your desk or credenza. They also transport plants very well!

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