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Use These Tips to Learn How to Pack Boxes

When facing a big move, take a few minutes and learn how to pack boxes like professionals. The experts at Dollies and Boxes are the authority on giving tips for packing your home. You’ll learn how to pack boxes to keep your possessions from damaged or broken during your transition as well as make your moving day run as smooth as possible!

Speak with the packing experts at Dollies & Boxes Unlimited to determine how to pack boxes with the best materials possible.

Packing Your Home: Make a Plan and Purchase Supplies

When faced with the task of packing, it is best to create a plan of action with your mover on how to pack your home and purchase the estimated amount of moving boxes and supplies you will need upfront. Develop a timeline for your moving including making notes as to which rooms can be packed well in advance of your scheduled move day and which items will need to be packed at the last minute. Then, consult our website to learn more about which boxes and packing materials you will need to begin boxing up each room. Once your plan is together, print the list below. It will help you learn how to pack boxes. It will be a great reference as you begin the packing process. If you need assistance, just ask one of our team members.

Tips for How to Pack Boxes

It is imperative to take the time and pack your belongings appropriately so they are protected in transit. Pack one room at a time and color code the boxes for each room. Create a master list of the contents in each box for yourself and then attribute a number to each box so that you can quickly find items when you need them.

Special items require special care. Read these tips below for taking care of your most precious possessions.

Furniture –Wrap each piece with heavy blankets or moving pads. Stretch wrap all drawers closed and remove table legs. Remove headboards and footboards and place the nails or screws in a plastic bag and utilize wrap to adhere the bag to the rails. Wrap large pads or blankets around the headboards and footboards. Cover mattresses and upholstered goods in plastic sheets to prevent damage. Depending on the type of furniture, a consultation with your mover may be needed to determine your specific needs.

Glasses – Wrap each piece in bubble protection. Cushion the bottom of the box with more bubble protection or newspaper and place each glass upside down, not on its side. Create layers separated with bubble, paper or cardboard and fill in spaces with paper.

Dishes - Each plate should be wrapped and the bundled in sets of 2 or 3 plates. Stand each bundle on its end – never lay flat – and place bundles next to each other. Fill in sides with void fill such as paper, bubble, towels or dish cloths.

Pots and Pans - Create towers by stacking similar pots, layering packing paper between each pot to prevent scratching. Place towers on their side in the box and stack 3 towers high. Fill in spaces with void fill.

Electronics - Disconnect all wires and cords and make sure to mark them. There are many different methods to keep electronics secure. For example, you may choose to wrap your monitor in paper, anti-static bubble or use the original manufacturer’s box to prevent damage.

We hope these tips on how to pack boxes have helped. Contact us for more tips or to help you fulfill your list for moving boxes and other packaging supplies.

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