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How to Pack for Moving to Your University This Fall

Trying to figure out what you can take to University can be a lot of fun. You’ll get to decorate your surroundings with new, colourful bedding, purchase new electronics and even get new supplies to fill your desk and get ready for classes. Now begs the question, what’s the best way to get it there without too much stress? Packing for moving to college or university can be a simple, stress-free process when you are prepared with the right tools.

First, we recommend that you take an inventory of your new purchases as well as the other items that you’ll be taking with you to student housing. Then, you’ll want to choose sturdy packaging supplies like corrugated boxes and plastic boxes that stack easily and can be reused for moving back home, an apartment or for storage beneath your bed or in a closet. There are many sizes of corrugated boxes and each can serve a unique purpose depending on the size and weight of your personal items. Medium and small boxes are ideal for moving plates, cooking tools and clothing. Dividers are available to use in boxes for protecting glasses and other breakables.

Another great tip on how to pack for moving to your university is to find the supplies necessary for packing those boxes securely and safely during transport. Use materials like bubble and packing paper to protect items within your boxes. Bubble pouches are great for preventing scratches and marks on computer and TV screens. Packing tape will keep box lids closed and using coloured tape will help keep boxes organized and labeled.

There are other moving supplies that you’ll find especially helpful, including furniture blankets that can be wrapped around wooden desks, electronics and appliances. Straps should be used to then hold large items like furniture, appliances and even tarps in place. If you are moving into a new apartment, a floor runner can help keep new carpeting protected from dirt, mud and other elements. Gloves will protect your hands from getting calloused and shoe covers will protect shoes and floors from getting marked or damaged. And last, but certainly not least, a dolly or hand truck is essential for moving a large quantity of items or heavy items more easily. There are different types for different uses, so be sure to explore which one fits your needs before purchasing.

Before moving to your university, see if there is a specific day in which you are to arrive and if there are any moving day instructions. Lastly, make a checklist, or just use this one, to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything during the packing process.

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