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To Our Valued Employees, Customers, and Vendors,

On March 23, 2020, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that all non-essential workplaces will close for a length of time and released a list of Essential workplaces permitted to continue operating.

As an Essential workplace, Dollies & Boxes Unlimited is a critical part of the supply chain that facilitates and supports the two-way movement of essential goods within North American and global supply chains. We service and support Critical and Essential businesses throughout Canada and the United States and are responding to the crisis by ensuring the availability of goods we bring to market necessary to respond both medically and economically.

Packaging is the backbone of the North American supply chain. As COVID-19 changes our daily lives, we want to assure consumers that the Packaging Industry is continuing to operate and to deliver mission critical protective packaging products to our customers, who in turn collaboratively supply and support the necessary products to keep us all healthy and safe. Disruption of the availability of these goods would cause significant hardships to consumers.

Canada's largest trading partner, the United States, has also deemed the packaging supply chain as Essential Critical Infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has identified packaging manufacturers and distributors as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce with a special responsibility to maintain normal operations for continued critical infrastructure viability.

Dollies & Boxes’ ability to continue normal operations plays a critical role in supporting our customers’ ability to provide essential goods required by our communities and families. That means we have a special responsibility to maintain our normal work schedule. Our work at Dollies & Boxes is a key part of the nation’s response to this pandemic crisis.

We ask that our customers continue to make us aware when they are placing critical orders related to supplies needed in fighting COVID-19. Dollies & Boxes will move those orders to priority status to ensure they are produced before all other orders. We continue to take aggressive measures to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 to our facilities.

We appreciate the efforts of every single employee and would like to thank you for your commitment and dedication during this unprecedented crisis.

Thank you,
Dollies & Boxes Management

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