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Tips for Choosing a Rug Runner for Your Move

When most people think of a rug runner, they picture the beautiful designed pieces they can use to decorate the hallways and entryways of their home or office. These types of rugs may also be referred to as a carpet runner or even a floor runner. However, the rug runners that we want to bring to your attention are sturdy, re-usable rugs that are mostly used for protecting various flooring surfaces during a home or office move.

A key component to being successful finding a reliable moving supplier that can provide you a custom length. This provides you with the ability to fit the rug to your space and could also save you from having to purchase multiple coverings for one particular area.

The second tip is to find a rug runner that has a rubberized back. This is essential to keep accidental falls at bay while you are moving furniture, heavy electronics and using a dolly. This type of surfacing will also remain in place during inclement weather, keeping people from slipping from wet or muddy floors. Another bonus is that if you need to use it on a stairway, it will remain in place.

If you’re concerned about using an environmentally-friendly floor protection product, there are some on the market that work really well. One that we’d like to suggest is Eco-Board. This product is composed of reinforced flex-fiber technology acting as heavy duty surface protection. It is approximately 50 mil. thick, is 100% recyclable and also re-useable.

If you need something lighter to protect your tile or ceramic flooring or bathtub, try using a slip-resistant floor liner. These are available in various roll sizes and are great for the quick jobs.

Our last tip is to purchase rug runners like these from a trusted moving supply company in your local area. Conduct your own research to see if they manufacture products and to learn how long they have been in the business. Also, check review sites to see what others have to say about their products, services and reputation.

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