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Choose the Best Storage or Moving Box for Your Home Move

If you’re building a new home, relocating or moving to a new house close by, you’ll need quality storage and moving boxes. When preparing for a move, you may decide to stop by your local grocer, general discount store or other local businesses to borrow boxes. Unfortunately, these boxes are not always the best ones to use due to rough handling that may have caused rips, punctures and weakened corners, unforeseen damage from some type of liquid or weakening of the box due to previous contents. Before you use those boxes, you should consider purchasing a quality corrugated box that has never been used and is designed to safely and securely handle the materials that you’d like to place inside. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared with a list of moving supplies and top moving tips to help you get started.

When making a purchasing decision for the types of boxes you require for your move, ensure that you use a moving supply company that has everything you need, including a boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Did you know that boxes sizes matter? For example, small boxes can move or store books, collectables like baseball cards, snow globes, figurines and more. Medium boxes are great for gadgets that are found in your kitchen, bathroom and miscellaneous drawers in your house. Large moving boxes like wardrobes are ideal for packing or storing sweaters, dresses and suits. Many will use large boxes for quilts, comforters, pillows, lamps and other bulky, hard-to-carry items. If you’re going to pack more fragile items like glasses and such, you’ll want to use a stronger corrugated box with dividers.

As you pack your storage and moving boxes, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper moving supplies on hand. Earlier we mentioned using a quality moving supplies list. This list should contain items like:

Packing tape– this will ensure your boxes stay closed snuggly during your move. If you do not have labels, packing tape can also be used as a label on your box to make note of the boxes contents as well as what room the box should be placed in your home.

Bubbles – these have a variety of uses including protecting fragile items from getting broken during
transit. Additionally, bubbles can be used for fill void for extra padding if necessary.

Dollies & Hand Trucks – these are essential for moving your storage and moving boxes easily from in
and out of your home and the moving truck. A great supplier will have these available in different sizes
and needs.

These are just a few of the items needed to make the move to and from your new home run smoothly. Remember, buying quality moving and storage boxes can make the difference in how your moving day goes. Choose a moving supplier with quality products at an affordable price.

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