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Specialty Moving Boxes for Your Next Move

Are you looking for specialty moving boxes that you can use for specific items in your home or office? Wouldn’t it be better if you could find boxes that could not only be transported easily, but also boxes that are good quality and reusable? Good for you and for the environment, right? One thing that I’ve discovered about moving boxes is that most don’t break down easily and are difficult to fit into a regular car or trunk without taking up so much space. So, I’ve decided to look online and conduct some of my own research to see if there were any specialty boxes that might make transporting boxes for packing any easier.

Not long after getting online, I discovered a unique product from a packing supply company in Canada called Dollies & Boxes Unlimited. They have created a Space Saver Wardrobe box that actually does just that, saves space! Its unique design allows purchasers to fold the box and lay it flat in a back seat or trunk of a car. When it’s ready for packing, the box itself folds out 24”x24”x42” in size and, includes a hanging bar. The other feature I like about this particular corrugated product is that it is reusable making it ideal for someone who may need to move frequently due to job transfers, a University student who may move back and forth to a parents’ home or an apartment or even someone who spends a lot of time at their cottage throughout the good weather months. I’ve not seen another wardrobe box like on the market and am quite impressed with the versatility of this product.

While perusing on the website, I also discovered that Dollies & Boxes has a variety of corrugated cardboard boxes that will transport pictures and mirrors, china, crystal and flat screen TVs. They also offer fragile divider kits and plenty of options for padding your interior contents with a variety of bubble and packing paper options. D&B has a big selection of moving accessories, hand carts & dollies, floor protection pieces. Though they don’t offer an online ordering option, you can order directly with a customer service representative, which is actually nicer, I think. It just means I can get my questions answered during the ordering process!

Have you seen unique specialty moving boxes like the Space Saver Wardrobe in your searching for the ultimate moving box? If so, let us know.

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