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The Importance of Protecting your Home’s Floors


Unfortunately, it’s not Spring yet. And, while we all are hoping for more sunshine each day, we still may have some inclement weather in store. Snow, sleet and materials that we use to melt and treat it can wreak havoc on our floors leaving unsightly watermarks, scratches and gouges in hard wood, on laminate and even ripping holes or snagging carpet and carpet remnants. During a move or a remodel, floors can become dirty and damaged from outdoor elements like rocks, salt and pebbles. Now, it’s never more important to protect your beautiful custom floors with floor runners or rug runners.

Dollies & Boxes Unlimited offers rubber-backed floor runners available in rolls that are 27” x 12’ and 27” x 180 feet. Our floor protection is ideal for use in narrow hallways or house floor plans with wide, open spaces, keeping your hardwood, laminate and carpeting clean and grime-free. Also offering stairway floor runners, you can be sure your flooring investment is going to withstand your move and last a long, long time. Our floor liners come with heavy-duty poly on top with a sticky bottom-side providing a safe, slip-resistant walking area for family members or moving team. These durable floor protection products are also reusable as they are machine washable and typically air dried. What a great investment that is sure to keep your home free of damaging debris for the rest of this Winter and early Spring. Quite honestly, it’s an investment that is unmatched.

For those that are looking for a more eco-friendly option, be sure to review the information on our Eco-boards, offering light-weight, yet heavy-duty floor protection. This product is unique is that not only is it reusable, it’s also recyclable!

If you have more questions about our floor runners, stair runners, or other types of surface protection, give us a call at 888.398.9888. At Dollies and Boxes Unlimited, our proven products are the best in the industry for all of your moving needs.

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