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Rug Runners Offer Unmatched Floor Protection

If you’re preparing your home or office space to be sold, chances are you’re re-arranging furniture, cabinets and desks, which can scratch wood floors and rip the carpet. We want to help you by offering quality floor protection to prevent just that.

Dollies & Boxes Unlimited offers durable rug runners that can be placed on solid wood, laminate, vinyl or carpeted surfaces to prevent unnecessary damage during such moves. Our runners are available in blue or red, so they are easy to see whilst carrying heavy items or using a furniture dolly. We also offer other temporary flooring products below.

If you’re as convinced as we are as to why this is a moving must-have, contact us for a quote now or view this item directly on our website.

Unmatched Quality & Customer Service

Our rug runners are 27 inches wide and are sold by the foot to accommodate the length(s) you may require. The non-slip rubber backing will ensure that the floor protection will stay in place until it is no longer needed. Though Dollie’s rug runners are reusable, we also offer Eco-Board, an environmentally friendly moving mat that offers temporary, heavy-duty floor protection. It is approximately 50 mil. thick and is composed of reinforced fiber-flex technology. Lastly, we also have a floor liner that will prevent accidental slippage on tile and ceramic flooring.

Visit our site and you’ll learn why we are recognized as moving supply experts in our industry. View our catalogue and request a quote online or by calling 888-398-9888 today.

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