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Why Toronto Real Estate Agents & Movers Should Partner with Dollies & Boxes Unlimited

How many times have you said to a client, “I wish I had boxes to give to you!” Well, now you can! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Dollies & Boxes Unlimited, a moving supply company that has been a leader in the moving industry for over 25 years. Currently, we manufacture several dollies and carts, as well as provide a large number of clients with quality moving and storage supplies and accessories. Our business has been steadily growing over the years and we’d like for you to be a part of it.

Yes Toronto Real Estate Agents, We’re Reaching Out to You!
As a Toronto real estate agent, you’re able to take your clients on tours of homes or office spaces that are for sale and celebrate with them when a purchase has been made. Now, you can take your services one step further by offering your customers quality moving boxes, dollies, floor runners and moving accessories, like packing materials and shoe covers, that can assist them with the move into their new home or facility. When you call to request a quote from one of our representatives, be sure to ask about how we can add your company information to certain moving pieces or how we can provide a discount for bulk orders. We’re successful when you’re successful. Call today to explore options for a new partnership with us.

Toronto Movers, We’ll Keep You Ahead of the Moving Game
Movers in the Toronto area, we know how busy you can be with coordinating large and small moves with the city or in the surrounding areas. Why worry about details when we can take care of them for you? We pride ourselves in providing quality moving boxes and accessories for companies just like yours. We can provide you with the necessary furniture and mattress covers, dollies and carts for moving large items like furniture, appliances, electronics, as well as a various sizes of moving boxes that you can provide to your clients. We also carry a full stock of bubble protection, packing paper and foam for packing boxes and tools for sealing and labeling boxes as well. If you’re worried about inclement weather during a move, we’ve got you covered with durable and reusable floor runners and shoe covers.

We’re your partner for Toronto movers & real estate agents. Call now to begin your new business relationship with us.

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