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Moving List for Moving Out of Your University Room or Apartment

Moving out of a University room or apartment can be a daunting task. Not everyone enjoys packing. Don’t worry, Dollies & Boxes Unlimited is here to help! We have put together a quick moving list to help you stay organized and on task while you pack up and get ready to move back with your parents or into a new house or apartment.

Before you move out, be sure to print out this handy moving list.

q Corrugated Moving Boxes
- Make sure to choose boxes of all sizes and types. There are boxes with dividers to keep items from breaking, those that are stronger for books and ones that are perfect for moving hanging clothes.

q Packing Tape
- Tape is essential to keeping your boxes closed and is great for patching up accidental tears and rips.

q Labels & Markers
- Make it easier on yourself by placing labels on your boxes. You’ll appreciate knowing what’s in the box prior to opening it. And, it can save you time since you can mark which room the box should be placed.

q Bubble Protection & Packing Paper
- Did you know there is a method for packing items so they won’t break? Bubble protection is great for plates, glasses and other items that you want to keep safe. Packing paper can be used as filler when boxes just need a little extra to keep contents from shifting.

q Rug Runners for Floor Protection
- Okay, so you may not need these in your residence hall or apartment building. But, you may want them in your new place so floors aren’t marked up or scratched when moving items in. These are also great for keeping people from slipping during inclement weather.

q Measuring Tape
- A great find for your moving list! Make sure furniture, like desks, tables and couches will make it through the doorways easily. You can also use this to plan out your floor layout. Just use some duct tape to mark where items should go on the floor.

q Protective Bubble Bags & Moving Blankets
- Keep your electronics and wall décor from getting punctured or scratched. Bubble bags will slide easily over flat screen tvs and more. Use the moving blankets in the truck or van that you’re using to move your items. These will protect large items from being marked up when shifting occurs.

q Dolly, Cart or Hand Truck
- No moving list would be complete without one of these and hopefully the residence halls do! Dollies help you move many boxes and other items at one time and can cut down on heavy lifting and multiple trips from your room to the truck and back. These are a must!

Don’t want to purchase all of these? Ask about our Starter Moving Kit that gets you ready to move with boxes, bubble, packing paper, tape and a marker. The carriage box can also be used to protect your photos and wall décor! Call now to make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Dollies & Boxes Unlimited has been a trusted partner of moving companies for many years. We hope we’ve been able to put our expertise to work for you and that this moving list will prove to be invaluable. Good luck with your University move!

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