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Toronto Moving Company Offers Supplies for Local Home Moves

Congratulations! You’ve sold your house and are moving to a new location, perhaps in the same city or maybe to somewhere you’ve never been. What an exciting journey! Make sure you are prepared with quality moving supplies and accessories for your home move. We’ve already created this handy checklist that you can print out and use as your own. Here are a few more for getting that packing started for the do-it-yourselfer:

How do you determine the correct box size?

This is one of the most popular questions we receive. And yes, there really are various boxes sizes on the market and you should be aware of how to use them to avoid unnecessary breakage and personal injury. The most popular box sizes are the 2.0 and 3.1 corrugated cube boxes. These are medium-sized boxes that are useful for packing home décor, clothing, linens and bedding and similar items. Other notable sizes are small boxes for kitchen and bathroom supplies, books, cds, photos and more. Large boxes are for large, light items like pillows. Consider using a wardrobe box for transporting coats, dresses, suits and any other items that you consider closet-worthy.

What type of packing supplies will I need?

For a residential move, we recommend bubble protection, packing paper and foam to keep valuables from breaking. While each of these products can be used for wrapping, they can also be used to eliminate extra space within the box. This is helpful for keeping your items from shifting during transit.

What tools can I use to move heavier items?

First, necessary moving supplies to keep on your checklist including rug runners and shoe covers than will protect your carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile floors. Each product is designed to give the user traction on various surfaces which will prevent slippage. Rug runners are reusable.

The next items you need to consider are dollies, hand trucks and carts, especially if you are loading furniture, large electronics and appliances into the back of a moving truck or pick-up. An appliance dolly has a belt that will wrap around the unit to keep it secure. Carts are ideal for moving your furniture because they offer a stable, wide and flat surface to place your item. Be sure to check with your moving supplier to see which type of dolly or cart would work best for your household items.

What are the best tools for keeping organized?

The key to staying organized during a home move is using supplies like a dolly to pack your boxes on that have been labeled with markers and coloured packing tape. Moreover, files boxes come with pre-printed labels on the exterior of the box and are great for important documents like insurance papers, appliance documents and more.

Good luck with your home move in the Toronto area. Be sure to print this article to keep beside your moving checklist!

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