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Moving Checklist

Preparing for your move can be an overwhelming experience and everyone needs a place to start. To help, we’ve compiled a moving checklist to help you get everything in order.

2 months prior to your move

  • Research moving companies and secure (if needed)
  • Confirm what they will move and what they won’t
  • Request written estimates
  • Obtain appraisals on expensive items for future possible claims
  • Gather important documents, like insurance, legal & financial records to change your address
  • Collect medical and dental records and obtain referrals from your physicians
  • Create a folder to store all important documents needed for travel

1 month prior to your move

  • Collect or purchase necessary moving boxes and other moving supplies
  • Packing Boxes & Bubble Protection
  • Packing Tape
  • Markers and Labels
  • Use our packing tips to begin packing boxes with items that won’t be needed prior to the move
  • Label boxes clearly with their contents and with the room the boxes will be placed in
  • Set aside items that could be sold at a yard sale or donated. Be sure to collect donation receipts for tax purposes.
  • Map out your new location and place furniture and other items

2-3 weeks prior to your move

  • Make arrangements to disconnect utilities
  • Dispose of any flammable, poisonous or combustible items
  • Start planning meals to use up food items in your pantry

1 week prior to your move

  • Finish packing and note a box for last minute and personal items
  • Drain/defrost your refrigerator/freezer
  • Make arrangements for child care if needed

Day of Move

  • Lay down floor mats to protect carpet and hardwood from being damaged
  • Double check all rooms, closets and storage to ensure all items have been removed
  • Note the final reading on your utility meter

Use this moving checklist as a guide to your big move day. Feel free to add and tweak it so it makes sense for your agenda. Call Dollies & Boxes to obtain your moving supplies.

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