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How to Choose the Right Size Box for Moving

When you're getting ready to move a home or office, one of the toughest challenges can be choosing the correct box for moving. Most moving supply companies have a checklist that you can use to help you get started, but sometimes they may forget to tell you about the differences in the size of box that you use and what it should be used for exactly. This article will help you differentiate between box sizes and make suggestions for how many should be used and what items can safely be packed into each one.

Most small boxes are between 1.5 and 2.0 cubic feet and are ideal for holding smaller items like CDs, DVDs, books, and kitchen items like canned good or utensils. You can also use it to pack small bathroom items.

Boxes that are 3.1 to 4.0 cubic feet are considered a medium-size box. Generally, these are the most popular boxes because of their versatility. Items that can be packed in a medium box include bed linens, towels, small kitchen appliances, boxed foods, bathroom supplies, toys from a playroom or child's bedroom, home decor and more. Be sure to pick up materials like bubble, packing paper and foam. These will help ensure that the items you're placing inside the box will make it to their new destination undamaged.

Lastly, the large box, typically over 5.0 cubic feet, should be packed with blankets, sheets, bath sheets, large home decor that is light in nature, pillows and more. A good rule of thumb to remember while you're packing is that one, you shouldn't over pack the box with heavy items. You could not only injure your back if the box isn't picked up correctly, but you could also damage other boxes.

Bet you’re still wondering how many boxes you need per room? Follow these suggestions:

  • 1 Bedroom Home = approx. 25 boxes
  • 2 Bedroom Home = approx. 35 boxes
  • 3 Bedroom Home = approx. 50 boxes
  • 4 Bedroom Home = approx. 70 boxes or more

Remember, the above information is just a suggestion. You may need to adjust quantities based on the square footage of your home and dependent upon how many items you have in each room.

As you're preparing for you move, keep in mind that is isn't all about the box for moving that you've chosen. Make sure you also stop to pick up moving accessories like the packing materials mentioned above as well as packing tape, labels, dollies, hand carts and more. Dollies & Boxes Unlimited was excited to bring you today's message. They are a trusted moving box expert and can help you find the right tools for your next move.

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