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Choosing the Right Box Size: Medium Moving Boxes for Packing Your Home or Office

When preparing for any type of move, it’s important to make sure you have a variety of boxes on hand that will fit the items you are moving. For example, a medium moving box would be ideal for packing kitchen supplies, like pots and pans or a variety of linens. There are many box sizes on the market, so make sure you choose a sturdy, corrugated box that is strong enough to hold interior contents and keep them safe during your move.

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Does Box Size Matter?

Yes, box sizes do matter. Often, you may choose to use whatever size box you can find and pack it as full as you can. When you do that, it’s possible a lot of other not-so-good things will happen. First, the box that you’re jamming full may not be strong enough to hold everything you’ve placed in it. Even worse, you can injure your back, neck and/or legs trying to lift a box that is too heavy or just awkward to pick up. Look below for a quick guide to ensure you have the correct box size on hand:

Large Boxes
These boxes are ideal for bulky linens, like bedspreads, duvets or comforters, oversized platters, lamps, vases and other interior decorating pieces, prints, food storage containers, shoes and sweaters and more. Large boxes are also great for moving painting and other wall décor in your office.

Medium Moving Boxes
Like we mentioned above, medium moving boxes are ideal for kitchen supplies like small appliances, utensils, plates, glasses and pots and pans. They are also great for moving smaller photographs, knick-knacks, coffee table books and more. In your office, medium boxes act as great storage for file folders and supplies. If you need to fill space within your box to keep items from shifting during transit, be sure to check out our inventory of void fills like bubble protection and packing paper.

Small Boxes

Small boxes are sometimes underrated as the perception is that they won’t hold much. However, if used properly, you’ll find that they are great for canned goods, CDs, smaller tools, cosmetics and make-up tools, jewelry and more.

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