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Mattress Covers & Bed Bugs: What You Need to Know

As you’ve probably heard recently in the news, bed bugs are an epidemic plaguing hotel rooms, dormitories, apartments and homes across North America. Because they are small and sometimes hard to detect, they can transfer easily in some places that most people may not think about. Moving trucks and vans are a perfect place for bed bugs to live and move into new homes via household items, like a mattress or box springs. These pesky creatures live in most parts of the world and thrive in dark and obscure places. Bed bugs multiply quickly and in great numbers and begin feeding immediately after they hatch. Because eggs hatch in a 14 day period, an infestation can appear before you realize they are there and be very difficult and costly to eliminate.

Whether you are moving your own furniture or own a moving business and are transporting your customers’ items, provide the ultimate protection with a quality mattress cover. These coverings serve as the most effective solution for preventing the transfer of bed bugs. Unlike material on a mattress, bed bugs are unable to adhere themselves to the plastic, making it difficult for them to move place to place. Moreover, mattress covers also provide added protection from dirt, rips, water and other unforeseen damage that can take place before, during and after transit. Whether you bag them yourself, or provide the service for your clients, encasing mattresses and box springs with a protective mattress cover will prevent the spread of these unwelcomed guests into clean living spaces.

If you’re not moving, but placing a mattress and/or box springs in storage, Canadian made mattress covers are ideal for you. Packaged mattress covers are engineered with reverse breathing holes and patent pending zippers that prevent mould from forming and spreading during long term storage. Furthermore, they will also prevent dust mites and humidity from destroying your possession over time.

One last item to consider is whether or not the mattress cover you are purchasing has been tested and approved to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Some covers can help with early detection bed bugs while others can help in elimination of colonies, preventing them from feeding and multiplying. Be sure to check with your mattress cover manufacturer to learn full details about bed bug protection.

This article was submitted by Dollies & Boxes Unlimited, a provider of quality, Canadian-made mattress covers for consumers and moving businesses throughout Canada.

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