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Keeping It Local, Moving & Packaging Supplies Made In Canada

When purchasing anything, many of us consider where the product is made. If it’s made overseas, what is the quality of the product in terms of durability and longevity. There is a big focus in Canada to buy North American-made products. We know that locally-made goods are quality products, made from quality materials. Not only that, when we buy local, we support our own economy on the local, provincial and national level. People stay employed and pour their own earn monies back into their local businesses. In turn, our local businesses keep their livelihood and continue to thrive.

One such company that prides itself on being a successful Canadian manufacturer is Dollies & Boxes Unlimited, a moving supplies and packaging company in Toronto. Many wonder if Dollies & Boxes actually created the dolly. The truth is that no, they didn’t invent the dolly, but they have been manufacturing them and other products, like terminal carts, utility boxes and panel carts, for over 26 years.

When asked about the importance of manufacturing products locally, Managing Director Louise Cameron mentions that “we’ve always been able to create quality product for our corporate and retail customers. Our employees like the fact that they are helping to create quality products for the moving industry that they may see when they are out somewhere or even at one of their friends’ homes or businesses. There’s a sense of pride that is instilled in each dolly, cart and box that we produce.”

On a larger scale, Cameron added that buying local can help keep costs lower for other businesses in this or similar industries. “When a customer buys one of our dollies, they are happy knowing they are investing in a durable product that will last. This eliminates other costs for replacement pieces or renting. We know that we’re helping others keep their margins higher because their supplies costs are lower. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Dollies & Boxes Unlimited offers a wide-range of other moving supplies and packaging materials like bubble, corrugated boxes, floor runners and more. They are happy to be a strong member of the Canadian workforce and contribute what they can to keep help boost the local economy in such a difficult time. Like other local businesses, their hope is that the hard work and investment that each employee pours into their products will make a long-term difference, not only to the economy, but for anyone who purchases one of their products.

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