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How to Organize and Declutter Your Home

Do you feel overwhelmed by the papers on your countertop, toys laying on the floor and just things strewn about that don’t seem to have a place? Or, does your garage overwhelm you to the point where it’s hard to find room to park your car? Then, it’s time to declutter your home and reclaim the open space that is desperate to breathe! There are lots of tips for how to organize your home or garage online. We’ve gone through some of those and are sharing the best ones with you. We’re also going to share some of our favorite containers that we feel will help get you on the right track to freedom from clutter!

Tip 1. Start with your countertop and go through your stack of papers one by one. Decide whether to trash it or file it. If you decide to file it, make sure you have a record storage box that will keep your information neatly organized and labeled.

Tip 2. When you are getting dressed in the mornings, take time to pull out the clothing that you don’t wear. Whether you pack it away in a wardrobe box to store it or donate it, just get unwanted items out of your closet.

Tip 3. Take 15 minutes each day to just pick up each room. Use a moving box or plastic storage box to collect items.

Tip 4. Take a look at your room and visualize what you’d like it to look like. Remove clutter from shelves, end tables, coffee tables and the floor. Place them in a moving box or book box for storage or for donation.

Tip 5. This is a great tip from…create a maybe box. Put it in things in a storage box that you aren’t quite ready to get rid of just yet. Re-visit it in six months and make a decision at that time.

Tip 6. Declutter your garage by getting rid of broken and unused toys, tools and the odds and end that you don’t know what to do with. Donate or recycle them.

Tip 7. Clean up your home office by choosing to receive items electronically. Set a storage box by your trash can for papers that need to be recycled and grab a record storage box to file away important documents that can be kept in a closet or storage facility.

Tip 8. Have magazines that you can’t part with? Tear out your favorite article or photos and keep them in a protective sleeve in a binder. Recycle the parts that you don’t need.

Tip 9. Declutter your kitchen by placing utensils and appliances in a box. Give away or donate items that you don’t use in 30 days. Or, store items that you use only at certain times of year.

Tip 10. Be prepared to organize. Keep plenty of pens, labels, quality boxes, packing tape and other accessories handy so boxes can be easily labeled for trash, storage or donation.

You can de-clutter your home with determination and the right tools. Peter Walsh, a contributor to says that if you hesitate when you pick it up about what you should do with it, get rid of it. Keep his advice in mind as you move forward with your new, cleaner, de-cluttered space!

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