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Great Uses for a Small Moving Box

When planning your home or office move, it’s important to find a place for the smaller items that could get lost in a large or medium don’t rely on just large and medium boxes to do the job. A small box for moving is ideal for smaller, heavier items that could add extra weight to other boxes. Keep in mind that typically, small boxes are 18”x15”x12”. They are great for packing items like:

• CDs, cassette tapes and records
• DVDs and VHS tapes
• Books
• Kitchen items like canned food, kitchen utensils and small appliances
• Small bathroom items like combs, brushes, soaps & shampoos
• Cleaning supplies
• Office supplies

Really, the possibilities for what can be placed in a small box are limitless.

View the small boxes for moving on our website now. Then, request a quote or contact us to place your full order.

Small Boxes are Reusable & Great for Storage

Once you’ve completed your move, we encourage you to reuse your small box as they are great for your storage area. Though our boxes are composed of quality corrugated cardboard, we don’t recommend placing more than 35 – 37 pounds per box. If too much weight is placed in the box, it can compromise the integrity of the box.

View the Rest of Our Moving Supplies

No moving day would be complete without the rest of the supplies needed for packing and moving boxes. Dollies & Boxes Unlimited carries many box sizes, void fills like bubble and packing paper, tape, labels, moving carts and dollies and more.

If you’re not sure what you need in addition to your small box, just call one of our representatives at 888-398-9888. We’d be happy to help you with your moving needs!

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