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It’s a Wrap! Using Foam to Get the Job Done


Foam sheets are a popular alternative to bubble packaging when shipping dishes, antiques, and other breakable items. But, have you ever wondered why? It’s because foam sheets are very pliable giving them the innate ability to be stuffed within and wrapped around items easily and securely, ensuring that your shipment or storage items are safe from breakage and undue damage. Of course, there are many benefits to using other shipping materials as well and it’s important to find what is best for your particular job; however, foam packaging is a very popular alternative.

Using corrugated boxes in conjunction with foam packaging, provides you with piece of mind when shipping items of value. Did you know that Dollies & Boxes Unlimited has a wide variety of boxes, available in many sizes, that are utilized in packaging and shipping for residential, commercial and industrial use? A corrugated box already provides unmatched protection with its sturdy construction. Coupled with quality protective foam sheets, you won’t be able to beat the effectiveness of placing the two together. And, if a corrugated box is too big and an padded envelope is more your size, foam packaging sheets are the ideal, light weight items to include inside for a little extra cushion during transit.

Foam packaging is available in foam protection sheets that are 3/32" thick in 48"x50’ rolls. The rolls can then be cut to satisfy your particular needs, depending on what you want to ship or store. Rolls can be used time and time again, retaining their superior packing properties, making your investment worthwhile. Foam protection works in many applications, and that’s why shipping companies and individuals alike rely on wrapping their possessions with lightweight, but mighty, foam sheets.

If you have further questions about the best uses for foam sheets for packaging protection, contact a member of Dollies & Boxes Unlimited today and we’d be happy to assist you.

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