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Coddling your Valued Possessions with Foam Packaging


There are many, many benefits of using foam packaging when packing, shipping or storing your most treasured items. Foam packaging is just one of the many quality products that can be used to cushion objects during transport. If you can’t decide whether to use bubble packaging or foam sheet packaging for your project, this article has a few recommendations to consider that can help you decide which product is best for the job.

Are you shipping something to a new location, either via mail, shipping company, or moving company? Believe it or not, using foam sheets is a lighter option than bubble packaging and other forms of safety wraps, costing less and not adding additional weight to your package. It is so light weight, you’ll pay less when shipping your items, making it a cost-effective alternative.

Are you shipping something priceless, either monetarily valuable or sentimental in value? It may be an antique vase from your great-great grandmother, or a Christmas ornament given to you that dates back to the early 1900’s, passed on from generation to generation. No matter what the item may be, it’s important that it remains safe, and intact, as it travels from point A to point B. Foam packaging sheets have an ability to “coddle” your most prized possession, conforming to the object much better than bubble packaging can. It can be molded to form around just about anything, and it protects wonderfully, with better scratch resistant properties than bubble sheets. Foam packaging can also be recycled, so you can also have piece-of-mind when your shipping project is complete because sheets can be re-purposed, making them an environmentally friendly option as well. Or, if you plan to do a lot of shipping that requires protective wrap, foam sheets can also be used time and time again, offering yet another reason to consider this form of packaging when protecting your investments.

Foam sheets are made out of polyethylene, making it resistant to extreme temperatures. Quite often, electrical components use foam sheets in their packaging because of the ideal cushioning properties as well as protection from the various elements. Bubble packaging is also a very popular form of protection when shipping a variety of items, but depending on your needs, it’s important to determine which form of cushioning is the best alternative.

If you have questions about which shipping products will work best for your individualized application, please contact a member of Dollies & Boxes Unlimited serving Southern Ontario. We’d be happy to assist you.

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