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When preparing for a home or business move, people of think of what is needed to protect their items during transit to prevent accidental breakage. Did you know that, in fact, some of these same items can be used for a dual purpose? For example, there are a few types of foam sheets that can be used for packing and others than can be used to protect your floors! In this article, we’re going to talk about both and the various benefits that they both offer.

First, packaging foam is an alternative to bubble protection and packing paper. It is commonly used to wrap glassware, protect mirrored surfaces as well as electronic screens. Foam can conform to any shape, and that’s why it’s great for trinkets and home décor. It also has a non-slip surface that will keep stacked plates in place. Though our protective foam comes in a roll, it can be split into sheets to make it any size or length needed.

Are you thinking about laying a new hardwood or laminate floor in your home or business? Foam is commonly placed between the sub-floor and your floor covering to provide a protective barrier. It rolls out easily and can be cut to various lengths to fit the room in which the flooring will be laid. Be sure to let a Dollies & Boxes Unlimited representative know if you need assistance with choosing a barrier right for your project.

Whether your project is big or small, business or residential, Dollies & Boxes is your go-to resource protective foam products in the Greater Toronto Area. We do give discounts for bulk orders. Request a quote now!

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