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Quality Floor Mats & Floor Protection

As you get ready to move, it’s best to begin with a list of moving tips as well as a list of moving supplies. One area that people may often forget is finding quality floor protection, like floor mats. Often, because of last minute planning, home or business owners may choose to lay down drop clothes, blankets and other coverings to protect rugs and hard wood. Laying materials like these without securing them properly can cause movers to trip or fall – which leads to dropped boxes, broken possessions as well as scratches or dents in your walls. This can be prevented by choosing to use quality floor mats from a reputable moving supply company in Toronto like Dollies and Boxes. With over 25 years of experience in the moving industry, we provide quality moving tips to our customers every day. One of the biggest tips we offer is to include floor mats on your supplies list.

Floor mats are protective floor coverings that will prevent unnecessary dings, dents and scratches on your floor from movers while transporting furniture, boxes and other items in and out of your home or business. Additionally, if you are moving during inclement weather, floor mats will protect your rugs and hard wood from salt, water, snow, mud, dirt and more. Dollies and Boxes offers protective floor mats in 12’, 30’ and 180’ rolls with non–skid backing. This type of backing works on a variety of flooring surfaces, making it very versatile, moveable and reusable. Floor mats are available in both bright blue and red, so they are easy to spot as well as roll out.

View our floor mats now or contact a Dollies & Boxes representative to get your floor protection questions answered!

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