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Protect Your Items and the Environment with Eco Friendly Packaging Products

For businesses and individuals concerned about their impact on the environment, Dollies & Boxes is pleased to offer eco friendly packaging products though our green bubble line. Being environmentally responsible is an important part of our practice that we want to share with you. This eco friendly packaging is ideal for wrapping items for moving or storage rather than using loose fill. You can reduce your carbon footprint while still preventing damage and accidental breakage.

Order your eco friendly packaging products through Dollies & Boxes. Keep reading to learn more about how our green bubble product is created. What Makes Green Bubble Products Green?

Protective bubble protection has always been known as a great packing material ideal for shipping and moving boxes. But, how is our green bubble different? This eco friendly packaging material contains up to 40% of recycled content thus reducing unnecessary contributions to landfills. Moreover, it also comprised of up to 20% post-consumer sources and is manufactured with reusable polyethylene resin, which means it’s also recyclable. But the commitment to the use of sustainable packaging does not stop there as the green color visually communicates that your packing choices are supportive of the environment. This thereby raises awareness of recycled content products and makes green bubble easily identifiable from clear bubble.

Because it is a lightweight material, green bubble uses less fuel to transport resulting in less carbon emissions into the atmosphere and green bubble lessons the depletion and dependence on petroleum based resins. Help preserve our natural resources and start using green bubble for all your packaging and storing needs.

Make an environmentally responsible choice and order your green bubble today. Contact Dollies & Boxes for availability and pricing.

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