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Partner with Dollies & Boxes Unlimited for Your Disaster Restoration Supplies

When catastrophic weather events and other emergent life-altering situations occur, restoration companies like yours have to ready to assist on a moment’s notice to help those in need. That means having all of your supplies fully stocked and ready to use. Dollies & Boxes understands those needs and wants to make sure you’re ready to answer the call when it comes in. We have quality disaster restoration supplies like plastic boxes, gloves, shoe coverings, dollies & carts to assist with material handling and more. Our moving accessories and supplies meet and exceed industry standards and can be branded with your company logo. We can even work with you to develop new products needed to ensure your job runs smoothly.

Contact a Dollies & Boxes representative now to ensure your disaster restoration supplies are readily available when you need them most.

Your One-Stop Shop for Disaster Restoration Supplies

We’ve already mentioned that our products meet and exceed industry standards. But, did you also know that we support and promote products made right here in Canada? Though we also use products from the U.S., we know that it’s important to supply the restoration companies with quality moving and storage boxes and accessories from right here at home. Make sure to peruse through our inventory of disaster restoration supplies that also include:

  • Corrugated boxes that can be personalized with your company logo
  • Rubber gloves and coverings to protect your shoes and the floor
  • Dollies, hand trucks and carts for removal of saturated and dirt-filled or smoke-damaged debris
  • Plastic boxes and bubble for protecting fragile or hard-to-handle items

The list goes on. Be sure to call 1-888-398-9888 to discuss your company’s disaster restoration supply needs. We look forward to partnering with you!

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