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Discover Creative Uses for Corrugated Boxes


If you’ve ever moved, you know how long it takes to collect or buy all the corrugated boxes you need for your home. Somehow, it probably looked like you’d never have enough for all of your possessions. After the move was done, you probably wondered why you had so many left over! Yes, corrugated boxes can be recycled. However, in today’s piece, we’re going to encourage you to reuse those boxes.

Logically, most people will ask around to see if anyone else needs boxes for moving, storage or any other projects. If you have children, you should know that it just isn’t 2-year-olds that are enamored by boxes (and the paper they are usually wrapped in). Boxes can be transformed into new projects for practical purposes and for play.

Did you know that strategically cutting a TV box can give you an instant standing file organizer? Just cover them with colourful paper that matches your room décor and you’ve got new sustainable organizers. You can also use box lids as file trays for incoming/outgoing mail, paper recycling or sorting important files that you need access to quickly. File boxes are useful in your office as well for saving important personnel, data and tax files.

Going beyond the simple cuts, several board on Pinterest show how large boxes, like wardrobe boxes, TV boxes and regular sized corrugated boxes can be transformed into kitchens, forts, houses, shelving and toy tables. Once you’ve fit box parts together according to instructions on each of the different pins, you can add paint, decorations and other embellishments to make them useable toys that any kids will appreciate and love. The beauty of reusing corrugated boxes is that you’re saving money and replacing them, if and when it’s necessary, become affordable.

Many people are using box parts as part of their décor. Using paper or coloured packing tape, you can simply and easily wrap the box in coordinating colours or your room. They are light weight and hang easily on walls. If you do the same thing to the carriage portion of the corrugated box, you can use it in a living room, pantry, kitchen, bedroom or nursery. It’s truly amazing how versatile cardboard can be!

So, the next time you think you can’t find a creative use for a box, think again! We’re sure that those of you reading this have already thought of many other uses for corrugated boxes and we know we that we definitely have not covered all the great ideas out there. So stop reading and get creative!

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