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How to Use Corrugated Moving Boxes

When planning your upcoming move, it is essential to use high quality corrugated moving boxes for ultimate stability and protection. Matching the correct size of moving box to your items will ensure they arrive at your new location, without damage or breakage, and will prevent unwanted back injuries from moving boxes that are packed too heavy.

Contact Dollies & Boxes prior to your move to discuss what size and how many corrugated moving boxes you will need.

How to Choose Your Corrugated Moving Boxes

Your move will determine the type of boxes you will need. A good rule of thumb to begin with is that for local moves, generally you will need three different sizes of moving boxes. Small boxes are ideal for books, collectables and fragile items while medium boxes are utilized for kitchenware. Large containers are best for packing clothing and bedroom items but should not be used for bulky heavy items. Pack larger but lighter items such as pillows, lamps, comforters and blankets in extra large boxes. Specialty moving boxes are usually double corrugated and are used specifically for packing china, wardrobes, mirrors and pictures, and other heavy duty kitchen goods. If you are moving a long distance, be sure to contact your local mover to determine what your needs are. A Dollies and Boxes representative will assist you with an order.

How to Pack a Moving Box

When packing your items, first make sure you use the correct size corrugated moving box for the items you are packing. Cushion the bottom of the box and layer items until you reach the top. Do not overload the boxes. You will stress the boxes as well as your back! Use packing paper or bubble protection to fill in space around the items. Remember – if there is room to move, there is room to break. Finally, seal the corrugated moving boxes with heavy duty packing tape and label the box with its contents.

Selecting the best corrugated moving boxes for your upcoming move can make all the difference in protecting your items from breakage or damage. Contact Dollies & Boxes and let us help you!

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