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Why Buy a Corrugated Moving Box for Packing?

Most people will tell you a box is just a box. Really, they’re not. Boxes can be made of many types of materials and are usually designed to hold specific items. What can be carried in them will depend on how much weight the box can hold. That’s why for moving, Dollies & Boxes recommends using a corrugated moving box. It is made of tough materials and is specifically created to prevent contents from breaking during transition and/or storage.

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How Corrugated Moving Boxes Are Made

A corrugated moving box is made from a material called corrugated fiber paper, which is a much stronger material than just regular cardboard. That fiber paper is then supported with many more layers of cardboard. Some corrugated moving boxes are more shiny than others. These boxes are made from corrugated paperboard. When you look at the edge of a corrugated box, you notice a zig-zag pattern. This is intentional in the box design. Each “v” shape is an air column that acts as extra cushion, while the cardboard zig-zag pattern helps keep the walls of the box strong. Many boxes include inserts for packing glasses and other items, which helps with keeping items from shifting and breaking during transport.

Corrugated Moving Boxes are Biodegradable

If you’re looking for an earth-friendly way to move, corrugated boxes are recyclable as long as they remain free of oil and water. Recycled cardboard uses much less energy to create new cardboard and reduces the amount of sulfer dioxide that is released into the air. So choosing a corrugated moving box for your move is an environmentally-safe decision as well.

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