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Why Bubble Should be a Part of your Packaging Supplies

When you consider a move, one of the first things you will likely think about is what do I need in terms of packaging supplies? Immediately, you start thinking about boxes and the various sizes you might need for the items in your home or office. If you’re like us, the next thing you may do is begin creating a list of packaging supplies including tape, markers, labels, packing paper or bubble. Now here are two good questions to contemplate, what’s the difference between packaging paper and bubble and do I really need to use both?

Packing paper is a common void fill that many use to keep items from shifting within their boxes. We’re not talking about newspaper or old magazines. Quality packing paper is made of a thicker substance than newspaper and is ink free. Generally, people use it to wrap dishes or glasses or place between items to keep shifting and accidental breakage from occurring within a packed box. While it offers some cushioning, it doesn’t offer the same multi-faceted protection that bubble can give.

Quality bubble is available in many different sizes, including sheets, rolls and industrial rolls. Bubble uses trapped air to protect fragile items in a corrugated box, plastic tote or other storage container. While you can learn more about why the size of bubble you use matters here, we want to emphasize that bubble should be an essential part of your packaging supply list. Not only can it be used to pack plates, but also glasses, vases, home décor, mirrors, picture frames and any other item that may need a little extra protection.

Dollies & Boxes Unlimited is your resource for buying bubble in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer bubble in several sizes, quantities and even shapes. If you want to protect your larger electronic items like computer screens and flat screen TVs, but sure to read about our bubble bags. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases.

View our bubble products and then request a quote for the bubble items you need now. We’re a leader in the moving and packaging supply industry and we’re ready to earn your business. Contact us now!

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