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Need a Large Moving Box for Packing and Storage?
Dollies & Boxes Unlimited Can Help!

As an expert in the packing and moving industry in the Greater Toronto Area, Dollies & Boxes Unlimited is your resource for moving boxes and storage boxes of all sizes. Customer service is our top priority. Part of our over-the-top service is offering our valuable customers tips for moving and storage, including how to pack boxes, including a large box, which can sometimes be difficult. The biggest challenge of packing a large box is that it’s deceiving. After all, there’s tons of available space, so the tendency is to pack it as full as possible with whatever will fit. The perception is the larger the box, the lesser amount of trips to and from the moving van. Think again.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with packing a large box. First, the more items in the box, the heavier the box will get. This can lead to the box itself failing from the weight of the interior content leading to breakage and frustration. Secondly, if large, over full boxes are not lifted correctly, muscles in backs and legs can be pulled.

Dollies & Boxes recommends using large boxes for a variety of bulky, lightweight items that are easy to pack and store. These may include:

• Sheets, blankets and comforters
• Linens and pillows
• Kitchen items like large bowls, storage containers and oversized platters
• Picture boxes and frames

View our moving and storage boxes online to see which large box will best meet your needs. They are composed of quality corrugate materials that will hold up for several uses. While you’re on the site, be sure to stock up on necessary accessories like packaging tape, floor runners and more.

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